We're going to work our way through the beaches of Malta one by one, starting with the one that's the most popular - Golden Bay.

To start with, a bit of untanned hot dogging so I can watch them change colour along the way.

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It was lovely, not overdeveloped, just one very big Radison, one place selling drinks and food to either eat in or take onto the beach and a big Italian restaurant.

goldenbay1 zpsom1iqbrx - The Beaches of Malta

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Plus a small shop for beach towels and buckets and spades. No tat, but there's hats and stuff further up the hill and one lucky lucky man came by selling designer sunglasses and bracelets.

goldenbay3 zps4qzr8ppq - The Beaches of Malta

This is the the beach with the longest stretch of sand in Malta, so I think that's why it's put in the number one spot.

goldenbay2 zpsobui6bfy - The Beaches of Malta

It was heaving by the time we left, so I think it's going to be too crowded in the main summer months. It was bliss relaxing and drinking a cocktail after having quite a stressful week.