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Thread: Mad old bastard batters his wife to death

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    Daily Mail Mad old bastard batters his wife to death

    More old people carrying out killings and murders whilst off their heads on dementia. The country is in a right mess because of them, they're a drain on the emergency services.

    Francis O'Neill had 'no comprehension' that he had beaten his wife of 40 years Monica, 73, who was found dead in the hallway of their home in Malvern, Worcestershire.

    The grandmother was found with 65 injuries, including broken ribs, a blunt blow to the head and a broken tooth.

    Worcester Crown Court heart that Mr O'Neill, a grandfather-of-four, appeared confused and bewildered after approaching neighbours for help at 11.45pm on January 20 last year.

    Police were called to the couple's home, where they found Mrs O'Neill's body in the hallway.

    A post-mortem recorded her death was caused by extensive injuries to her head and body.
    Sick old bastard.

    Dementia sufferer who had no idea he'd battered wife to death is detained indefinitely | Daily Mail Online

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    Default Re: Mad old bastard batters his wife to death

    They should do the same to drunks who don't remember doing crimes.

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