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Thread: Wigan man tried to have sex with post box

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    Default Wigan man tried to have sex with post box

    Man tried to have sex with a postbox - Wigan Today

    e then began performing a sex act and walked over to the postbox and “started to make sexual advances towards it.”

    The court was told the worker then witnessed Bennett rubbing up against the postbox with his trousers down before walking away.

    The defendant’s arms were raised in a star position, he was continuing to expose himself and he was shouting “wow”.

    Ms Beattie said: “The victim was alarmed by his behaviour.”

    Bennett pulled his pants up then swung on a lamppost before looking at a reflection of himself in a window.

    Ms Beattie added: “The victim rang the police. She was disgusted by his behaviour.”

    Bennett was found by police officers at the front of a shop in the precinct where he was still exposing himself.

    The court heard Bennett became agitated and clenched his teeth as he shouted and swore at the officers.

    A statement read by the prosecution described the defendant as drunk.
    XiyWLzi - Wigan man tried to have sex with post box

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    Default Re: Wigan man tried to have sex with post box

    I bet his mouth was full of pie too.

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