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Thread: RAF Mildenhall to close

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    Great Britain

    BBC RAF Mildenhall to close

    I think Alconbury is going too, but Lakenheath is staying. I used to love working on those bases.

    BBC News - US military to close 15 bases in Europe

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    Default Re: RAF Mildenhall to close

    Quote Originally Posted by Earl View Post
    I used to love working on those bases.
    Yeah I've worked on some houses there, insulating pipework. Those Yanks like their big houses (officers I assume). They even had 'his & hers' sinks / vanity units in the bath/shower rooms and in the lounge they often had a light and fan combined in the ceilings! Two sinks in the kitchen, one with a funny plug hole that you could apparently put non-liquid in. They use dollars there too! Very up themselves though, on the whole. You'd think they would be nicer, seeing as were were making their homes for them!

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