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Thread: Greenpeace vandals in Peru

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    Default Greenpeace vandals in Peru

    Greenpeace Irreparably Damage Ancient Nazca Lines | IFLScience

    Pro tip: If you want to be taken seriously when you are delivering an important protest against the destruction of the Earth, it’s best to not desecrate a World Heritage Site in the process.

    While this advice could probably be categorized under “logic for five year olds,” it has apparently eluded the folks at Greenpeace. Protestors from the group inflicted irreversible damage to the Nazca Lines in Peru when they laid out banners ironically decrying the destruction of the environment.

    The message was meant to target delegates currently attending the UN climate summit in Lima, inspiring them to enact big changes. Instead, the Peruvian government is seeking to file criminal charges against the Greenpeace protestors for damaging an archeological monument, which could carry a sentence of six years in prison.

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    Default Re: Greenpeace vandals in Peru

    Yoghurt knitting tosspots.

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    Default Re: Greenpeace vandals in Peru

    I saw this on Facebook before


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    Default Re: Greenpeace

    Mrs Camb and I have Greenpeace tea mugs. They are very nice (as is the tea that they often contain).

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