BBC News - Matchstick modeller spends two years creating Concorde

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A plane enthusiast has spent more than two years creating matchstick models of a Concorde and a Boeing 747.

Norman Dawson, a former British Airways engineer from Berkshire, says he has used more then 5,000 matchsticks making the scale models.

The 68-year-old, from Lower Earley, took up the hobby after he retired and made the planes in his living room after drawing up the plans.

He is now looking for a home for his creations.

He said: "My interest started years ago when I saw a model of the Tower of London in matchsticks and I thought 'wow'.

"But at the time I didn't really do anything about it and it was only as I was coming up to my retirement that I thought 'what shall I do?' and the idea came to me to build a 747 and Concorde."