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Thread: Monkey wedding

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    Creature Monkey wedding

     78738579 78738578 - Monkey wedding

    More than 200 villagers in northern India have attended an elaborate Hindu wedding ceremony for two monkeys.

    The wedding was organised by the owner of the monkeys, who said the male was "like an adopted son" to him.

    The ceremony took place on Monday evening in Bettiah district in Bihar state, with the "bride" dressed in an orange frock and the "groom" wearing a yellow T-shirt.

    Monkeys are revered idols in Hindu mythology.

    The 13-year-old male monkey named Ramu and his bride, a female monkey called Ramdulari, were taken in a procession on top of a flower-bedecked SUV, accompanied by music and dancing. Hundreds of villagers lined the route to greet the "couple".
    BBC News - Indian man holds 'wedding' for monkey couple

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    Then they went for a game of tennis.

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