From the news of itv - Drinking booze during pregnancy:

Drinking during pregnancy could become a crime following the outcome of a current court case, women's charities say.

A council in the North West of England is seeking criminal injuries compensation after a six-year-old girl was left with growth problems caused by her mother's alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

If the Court of Appeal agrees the woman committed a crime, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (bpas) and Birthrights claim it could pave the way for pregnant women's behaviour to be criminalised.

The little girl was born with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), which can cause growth and facial abnormalities and intellectual impairment.

A written ruling by the Upper Tribunal of the Administrative Appeals Chamber said it was a ''direct result'' of her mother's drinking.

But it concluded: ''If (the girl) was not a person while her mother was engaging in the relevant actions then... as a matter of law, her mother could not have committed a criminal offence.''

Lawyers for the local authority have already failed once to win compensation on the child's behalf. But a further court case will be held at the Court of Appeal tomorrow, with a ruling expected at a later date.
Drinking while pregnant 'could become criminal offence' - ITV News