TONY Blair was mocked today for pushing more voters towards Ukip after he claimed curbing immigration to Britain would be a "disaster".

The former Prime Minister, who masterminded Labour's open door to immigration when in office, said putting the break on the number of migrants coming to the UK would be a "backwards" move.

He also warned Ed Miliband not to chase Ukip to win over voters, insisting that Labour must be careful of saying things that suggested Nigel Farage's party are justified in their policies.

Ukip today welcomed Mr Blair's intervention, thanking him for driving voters towards them.

A Ukip spokeswoman said: "For once we actually agree with Tony Blair.

"The Labour Party should stand up and be frank about what they believe and their vision for the UK, particularly on immigration, and we will see how many blue collar votes come flooding over to Ukip.

"As we all know, Tony's plans are always what's best for the country."

Mr Blair's intervention comes after Mr Miliband last week announced that a Labour government would immediately bring in an immigration Bill and said the EU "needs to change if we are to deal with the problems of immigration".

Labour has been stung by the dramatic rise in popularity of Ukip, only narrowly holding the previously safe seat of Heywood and Middleton in this month's by-election.

Recent polls have put Ukip on as much as 19 per cent, with Labour neck and neck with the Tories.

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