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Thread: Racial discrimination is happening worldwide.

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    Default Racial discrimination is happening worldwide.

    Ya'alon bans Palestinians from Israeli-run bus lines in West Bank, following settler pressure

    Following intense pressure from settlers, Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon has issued a directive that bans Palestinian workers from traveling on Israeli-run public transportation in the West Bank.

    The decision contradicts the stance of the Israel Defense Forces, which does not view the presence of Palestinians on West Bank buses as a security threat.

    The new guidelines prohibit Palestinian workers from using buses that run directly from central Israel to the West Bank; instead they will have to arrive at the Eyal Crossing, near Qalqilyah and far from populated settler areas, and continue to their final destination from there.

    The Samaria Settlers' Committee and local Jewish authorities have conducted an aggressive campaign in recent years aimed at banning Palestinian workers from public transportation used by Israelis in the West Bank.

    Ya'alon bans Palestinians from Israeli-run bus lines in West Bank, following settler pressure - National Israel News | Haaretz

    Segregated Bus Line for Gypsies in Torino Causes Uproar

    After ongoing complaints of pickpocketing and aggression from gypsies, the mayor of Borgaro, Italy, has forced the local bus company to offer a dedicated route for gypsies to separate them from other passengers.
    “It’s not racism; it’s just a way to solve a problem that has gone on for too long,” say members of the municipal government, run by the party of the Democrats of the Left (PD).
    The new measure met with applause Friday afternoon when announced to an assembly of locals at City Hall.
    Bus number 69 stops in front of one of the largest camps of gypsies (or Romani) in the city of Torino, which hosts more than 1,500 nomads. The bus has long been the center of controversy, protests, petitions, and even Facebook pages that denounce its dangers for passengers. “The gypsies attack us,” “they cut a girl’s hair," “they spit on us,” and “no one does anything,” the accusations run.
    “This will solve the problem without hurting anyone,” said Claudio Gambino, the center-left mayor. “This problem has been going on for more than 20 years.”
    “citizens suffer from theft and harassment,” says Gambino. “Monday there was an incident involving a 13-year-old girl, attacked by two gypsy girls. First they tried to take her cell phone and then scuffled with her until their arrival at the bus stop.”
    “It’s the best solution for everyone,” echoed his commissioner for transportation, Luigi Spinelli, a democratic socialist (SEL).
    The proposal has met with resistance, both from the political left and right.

    Segregated Bus Line for Gypsies in Torino Causes Uproar

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    Default Re: Racial discrimination is happening worldwide.

    Of course it is, it just happens a lot less in this country than most places.

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