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Thread: 'Superman of Macclesfield'

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    Default 'Superman of Macclesfield'

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's the 'Superman of Macclesfield' as pilots spot unknown flying man at 3,500ft - MacclesField Express

    Pilots on a passenger plane were stunned when a “flying man” zipped past the side of their aircraft at 3,500ft as they flew over Macclesfield.

    Aviation experts admitted they were baffled by the sighting of the human UFO, who has been dubbed the 'Superman of Macclesfield'.

    He appeared from nowhere as the Airbus 320 passed above Broken Cross and towards central Macclesfield while it was coming in to land at Manchester Airport.

    The pilot and first officer, who reported the sighting to air traffic control, thought the man was a paraglider but could not see a canopy. The allegedly airborne man was above the Rainow area when spotted.

    And the mystery deepened when there was no sign of him on radar.

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    Default Re: 'Superman of Macclesfield'


    Where the fuck did he come from? If he'd jumped out of another plane surely they'd have picked that up at air traffic control?

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    Default Re: 'Superman of Macclesfield'

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