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    Default Harrogate

    We've just had a smashing mid-week break in Harrogate.

    We arrived yesterday afternoon and dropped our luggage off at the very nice Hotel du Vin. It's where French panache meets Yorkshire hospitality.

    Our room wasn't ready yet, so we headed off into Harrogate for a bit of a mooch around. Within no time we found an interesting looking bar called Major Tom's Social. It was a kind of quirky kitsch-retro place with a selection of craft ales, but I was tempted by a Japanese lager called Kirin Ichiban which was very refreshing. I liked it in there, the old leather sofas were very comfortable.

    earl albums harrogate october 2014 picture7739 harrogate - Harrogate

    We left there and continued wandering around the town centre. We located the Turkish Baths and booked ourselves in for the following day.

    Eventually we stumbled on Hales Bar which claims to be Harrogate's oldest pub and their only traditionally gas-lit bar. It did look good inside, but it wasn't really gas-lit (it had some gas-lights on the bar) and everything had a sign on it saying 'do not touch'. I had a Hoegaarden and didn't touch anything.

    earl albums harrogate october 2014 picture7740 harrogate - Harrogate

    Then we went and checked in at the hotel. We booked a swanky loft suite with a massive bed, roll-top bath and double walk-through monsoon shower! I'm a bit knobbed-off because I just checked their website and although we asked to book the best suite there was a better one.

    It mustn't have been available.

    earl albums harrogate october 2014 picture7741 harrogate - Harrogate

    earl albums harrogate october 2014 picture7742 harrogate - Harrogate

    earl albums harrogate october 2014 picture7743 harrogate - Harrogate

    earl albums harrogate october 2014 picture7744 harrogate - Harrogate

    There was a huge telly and an espresso machine and all that sort of stuff. I made sure I had a bath and a shower, both that night and the next morning, and one in-between. And I slept in a big star shape so I could take up as much of the bed as possible.

    We went down to their bistro for tea, we kicked off with apéritifs. I had the Sloe Gin Spritz (Sloe Gin, Lillet Blanc, jus de citron, sucre de cane, plum and orange bitters topped with Champagne) and Ck had the Kir Royale (Champagne with Cassis de Dijon). That's not something I'd usually do, it was a bit 'fruity' but I quite liked it.

    earl albums harrogate october 2014 picture7745 harrogate - Harrogate

    For the starters Ck had mussels and I plumped for the steak tartare. I didn't really like the steak tartare, it tasted fishy. I ate the fucker though. The beef was raw, I think, certainly cold, and there was a warm egg yolk on top. That didn't really do much to improve it.

    earl albums harrogate october 2014 picture7746 harrogate - Harrogate

    In the menu it recommended a glass of wine to accompany a lot of the dishes, but it didn't recommend anything for our starters or main so we decided on a carafe of Château Bauduc Merlot. But they brought a full bottle, and then didn't charge us for it!

    For the main course we went to town and had the Chateaubriand steak with pommes frites. That was delicious, I'm a very lucky boy.

    earl albums harrogate october 2014 picture7748 harrogate - Harrogate

    I wanted to get through as many courses as possible, I'd already decided which cheeses and port I was going to try, and the liqueur coffee and cognac I wanted, but in the end the dessert beat me. I had a treacle tart accompanied by a glass of Tokaji Asú 5 Puttonyos dessert wine, but I couldn't even finish it all. Ck had a chocolate mousse.

    earl albums harrogate october 2014 picture7749 harrogate - Harrogate

    We did have cognac's which we took up to the swanky suite, and I had another bath to get my fucking money's worth. I used all the bath gel and stuff like that, and what I didn't use I put in the suitcase. I didn't steal the toilet paper this time though.

    This morning we had a lovely breakfast — I had planned having a full English but when I read the menu I couldn't resist the brioch French toast with smokey bacon and maple syrup so I had that. Ck had eggs Dirk Benedict.

    Straight after breakfast I had another bath and what-have-you before we checked out and then we headed for the Turkish Baths, that was good. I don't have any photos from inside the baths, because that would have been a bit weird. We did a cycle of shower > steam > cold shower > chuffin' freezing cold plunge pool > shower > hottest of the hot rooms > shower > relax in the coolest room and then begin again. Morning session is 10:00 till 12:30, on 'ladies only ' days they all swan about in the nude, best not to think about that too much on mixed sessions or it might get inappropriate.

    I do like a good steam and sauna, felt great.

    When we came out we went to that famous Bettys Tea Rooms which is obviously quite overrated, but we got a decent cup of tea, chicken sandwich, and some macaroons.

    That was it for our trip to Harrogate, it's a lovely place.

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    Default Re: Harrogate

    Quote Originally Posted by Earl View Post
    It's where French panache meets Yorkshire hospitality.
    Breezy would just love that gaff, I reckon.

    Ee by gomme !

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    Default Re: Harrogate

    That food sounds just scrumptious, apart from the raw meat thingy, that sounded gross. And the breakfast thingy with the smoked bacon etc - lovely. Sounds like a great trip.

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    Default Re: Harrogate

    I tried a bit of that raw meat thing. It is how it looks, it had the texture of raw burger and was a little bit slimy.

    I'm convinced posh/rich/snobs pretend to like stuff even if they hate it, that beef goes on the same list as caviar and snails. But, having said that i'm glad I tried it, just to make sure.

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    Default Harrogate

    You should have sent it back asked them cook it properly and whilst they were in the kitchen got them to reheat your gazpacho soup cos that had gone so cold there was fucking ice floating in it.

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    Default Re: Harrogate

    I've only just noticed this thread!

    I can't believe you ordered and ate steak tartare, you were very brave.

    I've never tried it, but I've seen people having it prepared at the side of their table. Did you mix the raw egg in with it?

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