Jill and David Stolworthy with their life size doll of Sir Cliff Richard 518116 - Cliff Richard - crime deterrent

A die-hard and obviously mental Cliff Richard fan has taken to driving around with a dummy of him belted beside her in the passenger seat of her car in order to 'ward of criminals'.

Jill Stolworthy, 68, travels everywhere with his likeness belted into the Peugeot 206.

It makes her feel safer when she is on her own, it would seem.

From the BBC:

BBC News - Sir Cliff Richard doll helps Norfolk couple feel safe

A life-size replica of Sir Cliff Richard is being used as a security measure by a couple in Norfolk.

David Stolworthy said the model was put in his wife's car to make her feel less vulnerable when travelling alone at night.

But the dummy also heads out regularly with the family - even joining them on continental holidays.

Mr Stolworthy, 71, said the head came from a car boot sale and he fashioned the body from MDF and a cushion.

"I've got too much time on my hands since I've retired," Mr Stolworthy, of Costessey, near Norwich, said.

Despite regularly making people look twice, Mr Stolworthy said the replica Sir Cliff did not turn any heads at customs.

He said: "I couldn't believe it at Dunkirk when we got the ferry. Cliff was sitting in the back seat in clear view but nobody said anything at the border control. It was unbelievable."
Not quite a 'Living Doll' ...