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Thread: Retard loses all his birthday money

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    Default Retard loses all his birthday money

    309831 1280x720 - Retard loses all his birthday money
    The retard

    Police in Stamford have arrested a man suspected of stealing the birthday money from a man with autism.

    WCPO connecticut thief 1410877035786 8095367 ver10 640 480 - Retard loses all his birthday money

    The suspect, 27-year old Steven St. Jacques of Stamford, is charged with second degree larceny. Police say he has prior arrests for an assault and a robbery.

    The incident happened around 3:30 p. m. last Tuesday in Veterans' Park and was caught on surveillance video.

    The victim, who was on his way to the Stamford Town Center to purchase video games, was carrying $100 he received as a birthday gift from his family, police said.

    On surveillance video, the suspect is seen walking up and speaking to the victim in the breezeway leading from Veterans Park and into the Stamford Town Center. The victim then excitedly shows the suspect his money.

    The suspect then takes the money, taunts the victim by holding it and pretends to give it back. The suspect then pretends to put the money back into the victim's pocket and walks away, when in actuality, he keeps it for himself. The victim doesn't realize his birthday money has been taken until it is too late.

    Police converged on the area but were unable to find the suspect.

    Police say that based on leads over the weekend, they identified St. Jacques as the suspect and conducted a search warrant at his home.

    St. Jacques turned himself in, according to investigators.

    Stamford Police Officers, together with the Police Union, have rallied together and started a collection for the victim to get him his money back. Several Stamford citizens have also come forward to contribute as a result of this crime.

    Police say more than $1,000 has been donated so far.

    Suspect arrested in Stamford theft of birthday money from man with autism |

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    Default Re: Retard loses all his birthday money

    What kind of a rotten egg steals from a retard?

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    Default Re: Retard loses all his birthday money

    Rotten bastard!

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    Default Re: Retard loses all his birthday money

    Retard?, ffs guys, the bloke has autism man, that's a bit strong, but it's your opinions and we all ha e different ones.

    But your right, dirty Liberty takers, sadly too may in this world, I can just picture the guy being dead chuffed with his money when showing it off, he's really just a big bairn.

    At least the guy who nicked it turned himself in, I've got a bit of respect for him after all then, as for the collection, you know,,, it truly tugs the heart strings hearing that

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