This twat met up with a bloke half his age and twice his size for a fight in an Asda car park, and then complains when he gets twatted.

The rozzers dropped the GBH charge, probablyy because there wasn't enough evidence, or possibly because the toss-pot who got battered started the fight in the first place. Either way, the bloke looks like a prize fucking berk now. This was my favourite part:

'But he wasn't charged for any assault whatsoever. I was just doing what any normal dad would do. I saw Copland after the conviction and he was laughing at me.

'I asked him if it was funny that I was two punches away from death and he got a £400 fine. He just replied, 'I am laughing aren't I?''

Thug who battered father let off with fine after prosecutors secretly drop GBH charges  | Mail Online