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Thread: Simpsons swearing scandal!

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    Default Simpsons swearing scandal!

    Krusty the Clown was heard saying the word "bastard" in an episode that aired between 18:00 and 18:25 on Channel 4, in April of this year.

    There were seven (!) complaints and Ofcom have told Channel 4 off.

    krusty the clown 1 - Simpsons swearing scandal!

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    Default Re: Simpsons swearing scandal!

    What about when Willie was reviewing the tractors and said they were all 'shite'?

    That episode was on twice before they edited the line out. I don't really mind.

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    Default Re: Simpsons swearing scandal!

    Seven complaints?

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    Default Re: Simpsons swearing scandal!

    The OfCom document about research into bad language is fun to read. Go to page 44 for the list of words and what the people polled thought of them, 37% of people polled think bastard is of the same severity as cunt. Although it was written in 1998.

    I've just had a better read, this is a cracking document, pages 44-54 and 64-66 are gold (if you're using a PDF reader to jump to page numbers, add 4 to each page number, they've not numbered the first four pages).

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    Default Re: Simpsons swearing scandal!

    Bastard isn't even a proper swear, really.

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