A stabbing victim was chased into a 24-hour convenience store and set upon by a passer-by he had confronted and punched over remarks about his girlfriend, an eyewitness said.

There have not been arrests in connection with the violent attack in Hamptons Food and Wine in Harrow Road, Sudbury, at around 1.25am on Friday.

Police officers found the victim - believed to be in his 30s - on the floor of the shop and gave him first aid until paramedics arrived and took him to an undisclosed west London hospital where he was a serious but stable condition.

One local businessman, who did not want to give his name, said he was told a row quickly spiralled out of control when the suspect made a comment about the victim's girlfriend.

He said: “There was an Irish guy standing outside the pub [The Swan] with his girlfriend.

"A black guy came past and said something to the girlfriend or whistled or something.

“The Irish guy took offence and punched him in the face and bust his nose.

"The black guy pulled a knife. The Irish guy ran away and ran into the shop.

“He was followed into the shop and stabbed in the shop.

"He was stabbed five times.

"All the stabbings were in the shop.”

Harrow Road, Sudbury, shop stab victim 'chased down and attacked with knife five times after confronting man over comments about girlfriend' - Get West London