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Thread: London Taxi Drivers

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    Default London Taxi Drivers

    BBC News - Uber versus black cabs: Battle lines drawn

    Seems unfair on London Black Cab drivers who are strictly regulated.

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    ZPymsLQ - London Taxi Drivers

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    Default Re: London Taxi Drivers

    It's freedom of choice. Customers can choose to pay more for the regulated cabs, or less but use a non premium service. Similar models are used in other industries, eg airlines.

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    Default Re: London Taxi Drivers

    I'm sure the cabbies will win over public support by causing a fucking gridlock in the centre of town, the fucking dog's eggs.

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    Default Re: London Taxi Drivers

    Uber taxis need to be taxed!

    Some in Trafalgar Square were heard chanting "Boris, Boris, Boris, out, out, out", while others beeped horns and held placards.
    http://www. bbc. co. uk/news/uk-england-london-27799938

    What does this mean?

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