Teenager, 18, used mother's mobile phone during family holiday to stay in touch with Facebook friends and racked up 3,000 bill
Carissa Grice, 18, was 'devastated' when sent huge bill after Turkey holiday
She used 630MB of data in a fortnight and Orange tried to charge 2,907
Her father bought a data bundle in advance 'but it obviously wasn't enough'
'I told her she was going to have to pay - we couldn't afford to,' he said
Orange has since agreed to slash the bill, which is now likely to be 250

A teenager who wanted to stay in touch with friends on Facebook while on holiday was left 'devastated' after she was sent a shock bill for almost 3,000.

Carissa Grice, 18, used the Orange mobile, which is in her mother Ellen's name, while they were on a fortnight's break together in Antalya, Turkey.

The teenager, from Greater Manchester, was using Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp to chat to friends, downloading 630MB of data, and managed to rack up a bill for 2,907 last month.

She believed she was on the hotel's WiFi, but was also charged by Orange at 8 per MB because her data roaming was also on, she said.

Miss Grice said: 'When I got the bill I was in complete shock - I couldn't speak. I just kept saying I'm in debt, I can't afford to pay it.

'They need to warn people and be open about the costs of roaming. When I spoke to them I said "I haven't called anyone, I haven't sent any texts, it can't be right".

'I work in a salon and you hear so many stories like mine where people have had a shock bill. It's ridiculous'.

Her father Rob, 43, said Carissa was in tears when she got home to discover the bill.

'She was devastated. She is a trainee nail technician and on the minimum wage but I told her she was going to have to pay because we couldn't afford to.

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Teenager, 18, used Facebook while abroad and racked up 3,000 bill | Mail Online