I have only just started watching this on Netflix and it is quite possibly the BBCs best comedy satire since The Day Today!

Following the fictional `Department of Social Affairs and citizenship` it shows an incompetent set of ministers and civil servants running the country. For me the best character is Malcom Tucker the Prime Ministers enforcer/spin doctor who generally has to try and get his incompetent crew out of the shit! Giving us some of the best insults ever seen on a BBC channel!

The West Wing it ain't and they quite clearly knoww it with some self referencing put down!

Here are some of Malcom Tucker's finest:

Come the fuck in or fuck the fuck off."

"How much fucking shit is there on the menu and what fucking flavour is it?"

"Fuckety bye."

"Christ on a bendy bus son, don't be such a fucking faff arse."

"Ambassador, with your big baldy head you are spoiling us!"

"Allow me to pop a jaunty little bonnet on your purview and ram it up your shitter with a lubricated horse cock."

"Wake up and smell the cock."

"You are a boring F, star, star, CUNT!"

"Don't get sarcastic with me, son. We burned this tight-arsed city to the ground in 1814. And I'm all for doing it again, starting with you, you frat fuck. You get sarcastic with me again and I will stuff so much cotton wool down your fucking throat it'll come out your arse like the tail on a Playboy bunny."

"If some cunt can fuck something up, that cunt will pick the worst possible time to fucking fuck it up cause that cunt's a cunt."