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Thread: Horse racing deaths

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    BBC Horse racing deaths

    This bugger reckons that it's a rare occurrence, and compares it to rugby or football players dying on the pitch.

    Mr Stark said there was no way the deaths could have been avoided.

    "It does happen occasionally, just like every now and again you get a footballer or rugby player that collapses on the field," he said.

    "There may have been an underlying issue that we're not aware of but I don't know how we can avoid it, it's just like anyone else walking along the street."
    BBC News - Two horses die from heart attacks at Bramham trials

    Sounds like cobblers to me, horses die far more often than footballers.

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    Creature Re: Horse racing deaths

    Quote Originally Posted by Earl View Post
    Sounds like cobblers to me, horses die far more often than footballers
    What about horses that play football?

    A20Mini20Horse202 - Horse racing deaths

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    Default Re: Horse racing deaths

    Sounds like a load of old bollocks

    Horses will run until they die if someone is riding them. There are also plenty that break legs being made to jump fences that are too high

    It's about time some regulations were implemented. There is probably too much money to be lost though and thats why its never done

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