Here are two poems, written by members on The Rogue, that I'd like to share with you.

This first one was written for one of our members going through a rough spot in his life:

Anzy’s Lullaby

Quote Originally Posted by shatteredmoonfairy
We shall meet in a place of no darkness and pain
Where people no longer cry in the rain
See my set of wings?
No longer reminded of hurtful things
Of a past filled with sorrow
Wishing we could see this day tomorrow
No matter how bad things seem
We can forget troubles in our dreams
But there is beauty in this world
Like the glimmer of a pearl
They are called friends
Of which the broken heart can be mended
They make you feel like life is worth living
Even if you do not wish to live any longer
They give all they can give
Sometimes it is not enough
For sometimes the road gets rough
And your feet will get weary
Your eyes teary
But when you finally lay to dream at night
You shall see a beautiful sight
A perfect, wonderful place
Where we shall meet face-to-face
This next poem is from Rebornintheglory:
Quote Originally Posted by Rebornintheglory
By day a mere girl, normal you'd think
But by night she becomes, with a hop and a wink
A marvelous creature, with twink-eling eyes
Beautiful, and deadly, a Fairy I surmise.

And you might think to confuse her, but I tell you it's wise
To never dream of challenging, this Lady of the skies
In any contest of fun, or perhaps make believe
for she'll pour your right out, wat-er though a sieve

well although, perilous she may be
It's still such a joy and delight when we see
her flitting about, on those wings made o' silver
'makes me wonder, if one of us could possibly tell her

How much we appreciate (To not sound obscene)
who she is, all she's done, and where she has been.

And so every time I am here, I will think with delight

Will that wonderful fairy be visiting tonight?
I hope you enjoy them as much as our members do!