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Thread: "I never bought pink knickers in my life"

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    Default "I never bought pink knickers in my life"

    Mohammed Anjum
    A Pakistani born devout Muslim from Middlesborough is standing trial for child sex abuse after allegedly lifting his traditional robes to reveal a pair of little pink knickers and gold glitter on his ballbag!

    Convicted Paedophile Back In Court Accused Of Black Magic | The Morningstarr*

    And that's just the start of it, he has a previous conviction for sexually assaulting two girls, he's on benefits but allegedly has a 13million fortune, and the prosecution witness is a loony who called him Gary Glitter in court and says he uses black magic.

    Oh, and the barrister is called Mr Bean.

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    Default Re: "I never bought pink knickers in my life"

    hahaha, sounds like a sitcom!

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    Default Re: "I never bought pink knickers in my life"

    It even stars Tony Hawks and Mr Bean

    It's time to go out of the window Mr Bean!

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