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Thread: Chunnel Alert

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    Default Chunnel Alert

    Have you used the Chunnel and what is your opinion of it?

    I feel reluctant to use it, I don't fancy being underground, YET.

    Are you concerned about Chunnel safety?

    I think sometimes that Alki Ada might get naughty with it.

    Alert shuts Chunnel -

    Thousands of travellers w e r e l e f t s t r a n d e d yesterday after a smoke alert closed the Channel Tunnel for eight hours.

    Eurostar train services were suspended when a carbon dioxide alarm went off at 7am. The all-clear was given at 3pm but passengers faced delays of up to 90 minutes. No trains were trapped in the tunnel.

    Eurotunnel are probing why the alarm went off.

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    Default Re: Chunnel Alert

    I have concerns about the Chunnel, always have. Our saving grace has been the fact that we are an island nation so we dig a tunnel, what's that about?

    I also don't like being underground so I wouldn't use it.

    We have perfectly good alternative ways of crossing the channel, another one is just a big risk to our security.


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    Default Re: Chunnel Alert

    I've never used it but I have no qualms about doing so. It's a lot safer than travelling on the roads every day. And I think that the fact we are an "island nation" shouldn't come into it. We either want decent transport links or we don't. Lots of islands have tunnel or bridge links to other places, so it's not an unusual thing. And I can't see how it would be a security risk.

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