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Thread: What the F is wrong with you now?

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    Default Re: What the F is wrong with you now?

    My husband is ill, so I told him to get some Syndol to try this evening. I've not had any for about ten years and they're totally different. The packaging is different to what I remembered. It used to be half the size, all blue and it made a point of them being for stress headaches because they relaxed you as well. They've got a warning on them as well now, that wasn't there before. Has that just changed, or did they still sell them as being for stress headaches on your old pack? I'm sure they used to be yellow as well, not white.

    syndol1 zpsknvvhyyn - What the F is wrong with you now?

    The ingredient looks like it's gone here as well.

    syndol zpsboepo86t - What the F is wrong with you now?

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    Yes, that is exactly the packet we got the other day, with the missing ingredient. Now it's pretty much the same as any packet of paracetamol and codeine.

    The old Syndol I took the other day is still having an effect, and I'm not sure I like it. I just can;t be bothered and at at 3pm this afternoon I crashed. And I'm still not sleeping all through the night, albeit for longer than I was before. Not sure what the answer is.

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    A puppy! That will tire you out naturally.

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    my gold crown fell out but the nice dentist put it back

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    kiddie playdate girlsgogames com - What the F is wrong with you now?

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