So what do we think so far?

We have 11 celebs, at least three which arn't British never mind English and most are throwbacks from the 70's.

Is this the year that BB is aimed at the middle aged audience?

I can't possibly be liking Jermaine jackson or Carole Malone for alone trying to say that any more than 100% exists! And she's meant to be the bright one.

My fave on the day has to be Ken Russell, he looks like Big Mo from eastenders dressed as an accordian monkey and I secretly suspect he's a bit of a lush.

Wanker of the night prize goes to Donny 'Fuck Off' Tourettes for trying too hard to be hard.

The question of the day is... Just what the F was Donny doing round at Leos house? Oh my mind is sick, but it makes for great gossip.