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Thread: More MPs Fiddles-wives & Kids.

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    Default More MPs Fiddles-wives & Kids.

    This downright corrupt IMO and should be stopped.
    A complete review of MPs expenses should be done immediately and why SHOULD they have any at all?

    MPs' expenses: We pay 460,000 for wives and children to travel - Telegraph

    MPs' expenses: We pay 460,000 for wives and children to travel
    MPs charged the taxpayer 461,000 for their wives and children's travel costs, newly-published figures show.

    31 Mar 2009

    A list of the allowances and expenses claimed in 2007-8 details for the first time how much each MP was reimbursed for family travel costs, amounting to 385,242 for wives and 75,819 for children.

    Alistair Darling, the Chancellor, was the second highest claimant for family travel, charging 5,283 for 30 journeys made by his wife Margaret and 4,391 for the couple's two children, a total of 9,674.

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    ZPymsLQ - More MPs Fiddles-wives & Kids.

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    Default Re: More MPs Fiddles-wives & Kids.

    I cannot really comment - except to say - I steered clear of the Adult sites the last two days - in case I am accused of viewing them with the publics purse.

    That ratfink - who allegedlly "leaked" the Home Secretary's expense claim - is still out there.

    I feel I will then need go to my front gate and issue an abject apology to the Daily for not getting their clearance for such behaviour first.

    What I find laughable is that these same (Hypo)critics would wonder what distracted male or female Minister from doing his or her job - when something in their area of responsibility goes wrong - whilst at the same time these papers seem actively to be distracting them from doing their jobs. With trivia.

    Good grief. I cannot imagine what it is like to suspect there are people out there trying to catch you out in something but I guess I wouldn't be concentrating on the more important things - like living my life or just doing my job - if I have to second guess ever thing - EVER THING - I do.

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