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Thread: Flawed Welfare Reforms Resisted.

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    Default Flawed Welfare Reforms Resisted.

    I believe cutting benefits to those who are genuine people who want work and cannot get it is unfair and wrong.

    I am not so sympathetic to all the lazy scrounging sponging bleedus who will not work.

    Apparently self employed workers who do not have work have a further reduction in benefits making it impossible to survive legally.
    Can anyone throw light on this one?

    'Flawed' welfare reforms resisted -


    The Government is being warned that its controversial welfare reforms will be fiercely resisted amid claims that ministers are planning to "punish" the poor through tougher rules for jobseekers.

    Unions and campaign groups will deliver a strong message of opposition to the Welfare Reform Bill during a lobby of Parliament and call on the Government to rethink its plans.

    TUC deputy general secretary Frances O'Grady will deliver a hard-hitting speech at the demonstration, saying it was the "wrong Bill for the wrong time".

    She will say: "The Government's ideas would be flawed at the best of times, but with Britain deep in recession, these are emphatically not the best of times.

    "A new regime for jobseekers, limiting the time for job search and retraining. Tougher rules for parents, undermining the Government's pledge to halve and then end child poverty. The introduction of sanctions, stigmatising the most vulnerable as villains, not victims, and driving working people into poverty, and the privatisation and break up of a world-class public service, with private contractors profiting from joblessness.

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    ZPymsLQ - Flawed Welfare Reforms Resisted.

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    Default Re: Flawed Welfare Reforms Resisted.

    The problem the government has is they are unable to assess who is genuine and who is not without lengthy tests, reports etc etc.

    They are batting around ideas on how to get some more pennies in the bank and couldn't be batting around this idea at a worse time.

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