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Thread: 'Surgical Spirit' Spooks Hospital

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    Cool 'Surgical Spirit' Spooks Hospital

    Staff at a state-of-the-art hospital have called in a chaplain after being spooked by a 'ghost' - but have denied there are any plans to carry out an exorcism.

    15213859 - 'Surgical Spirit' Spooks Hospital

    Workers at Derby's new Royal Hospital have reported seeing a black-clad figure in a cloak stalking wards and corridors.

    The 334m hospital is built on the site of the old Derby City Hospital - the same site where a Roman road used to run.

    A hospital spokesman has confirmed to Sky News that a number of hospital workers had been "spooked" by a sighting.

    And she said a chaplain would be meeting staff next week to help allay their concerns.

    Word of a planned exorcism spread after an email to staff was leaked to the media.

    ghost in window of haunted house
    Senior manager Debbie Butler wrote: "I'm not sure how many of you are aware that some members of staff have reported seeing a ghost.

    "I'm taking it seriously as the last thing I want is staff feeling uneasy at work.

    "I've spoken to the Trust's chaplain and she is going to arrange for someone from the cathedral to exorcise the department."

    But a hospital spokesman said: "There is absolutely no truth in what has been reported in the media today that an exorcism has been arranged.

    "We will be talking to staff in the department to listen to their concerns.

    "We respect our staff and always listen to their views to help put minds at ease."

    Experts said the surgical spirit could be the ghost of a Roman soldier killed on the spot where the hospital was first built in the 1920s.

    Developers apparently ignored local protests about the construction and covered over part of a Roman route.


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    Default Re: 'Surgical Spirit' Spooks Hospital

    A Roman Soldier's ghost?

    Cannot have that.

    Worry not - there will be a parade of good old British ghosts to see off this Italian interloper soon enough.

    Hell (word used under advicement) get that Swede in - Max Von Sitdown - to exercise it or summat!

    And then make sure Max slings his 'ook outta here!

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    Default Re: 'Surgical Spirit' Spooks Hospital

    Hmmm, Sky and The Sun are totally taking the piss here. The Sun has a ghostly picture of Superman, while Sky has the old white cover ghost.

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    13 medium - 'Surgical Spirit' Spooks Hospital

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