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Thread: "You've Been Tangpooed"

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    Default "You've Been Tangpooed"

    Dogshit Wardens
    Community wardens in Weston-super-Mare are so concerned about the risks of toxicariasis that they're patrolling the area on the hunt for dog shit. Not to clean it up though, just to spray it bright orange of course.

    Bright Orange Dog Poo | The Morningstarr*

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    Default Re: "You've Been Tangpooed"

    They're so concerned about toxicariasis that they're spraying it a child attracting shade of orange. Nice one!

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    Default Re: "You've Been Tangpooed"

    That's a silly idea.

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    Trouble is: dogs are just not capable of understanding that public body functions and copulation is NOT acceptable behaivor. You can NOT impress on their limited brains that their feces are health Hazards and offensive. By castrating a male dog you eliminate urine marking and attempts at copulation.

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