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Thread: Brian Ferry's Son In Prison

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    Default Brian Ferry's Son In Prison

    The mother of Otis Ferry, and ex-wife of Bryan Ferry, the singer, has expressed concern for her son’s wellbeing while he is locked up in jail awaiting trial.

    Ferry 460 991894c - Brian Ferry's Son In Prison

    Lucy Helmore, 48, said she was worried that he was “without any clean socks and shirts” in prison, and that he will not be able to cope with confinement because he “loves the outdoors so much”.

    The former model said Mr Ferry, who has been remanded in custody on witness intimidation charges, had been unfairly targeted because he wss "a figurehead for the countryside and for countryside traditions".

    Miss Helmore spoke out after her 25-year-old son was remanded in custody ahead of his trial on charges of robbery, assault and perverting the course of justice.

    Speaking outside the court before a bail hearing on Friday, Miss Helmore said she had not been allowed to speak to her son since he had been in custody.

    "I think Otis has a passionate belief that what he has been doing is right," she said.

    "I am worried about him being in prison without any clean socks or shirts.

    "For someone who loves the outdoors so much it's very difficult to be in a cell without windows. I have been in a police cell and it's not a pleasant place to be."

    Commenting on her son's bedraggled appearance when he appeared at Cheltenham Magistrates' Court on Thursday after spending a night in police cells she said: "You would look pretty awful if you had been locked up without a wash bag or anything."

    She added: "I think this whole thing has been politically motivated."

    Mr Ferry, joint master of the Shropshire Hunt, of Cross Hands, Eaton Mascot, Shropshire, was to have stood trial earlier this week on charges of robbing Hunt Monitor Helen Ghalmi of a camera and keys when she was filming him at a meeting of the Hethrop Hunt in the Cotswolds last November.

    He was also accused of assaulting Mrs Ghalmi, from Abingdon, Oxon, on the same occasion on Nov 21st at Lower Swell, near Stow on the Wold, Gloucester.

    But Judge Martin Picton adjourned the case on Wednesday for at least a month.

    Immediately afterwards Mr Ferry was arrested and charged with two offences of perverting the course of justice by threatening a prosecution witness, David Hodgkiss, a former groomsman with the Shropshire Hunt.

    Ferry is alleged to have put pressure on Mr Hodgkiss not to give evidence against him.

    He was held in police custody on Wednesday night and appeared at Cheltenham Magistrates court on Thursday.

    He is due back before Gloucester Crown Court for a preliminary hearing on the new charges on Wednesday.

    Mr Ferry denies all charges.


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    Default Re: Brian Ferry's Son In Prison

    Nauhty boy. Has Brian Ferry dis-owned him?

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    13 medium - Brian Ferry's Son In Prison

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    Default Re: Brian Ferry's Son In Prison

    Can I preface this with saying I am in a bad mood at the moment - so horse racing people - take no notice.

    Why do the lyrics of "Robbery, assault and battery" from Genesis come to mind?

    You done me wrong - it's the same old song - forever

    I am sure the young man is totally innocent as his mother says.

    And why the UN isn't involved in his lack of shirt situation I have NO idea. It is an utter outrage!

    Otis's love of the outdoors shouts his innocence to the heavens. I am sure there are many other lovers of the outdoors who will also shout his stainless character to the skies. So long as they do not scare the horses beneath them or upset the stirrup cup.

    Er and dozens of so called hunt saboteurs perhaps?

    Subject: Letters - West bank settlements
    Anagram: Met retests - Kent Nettles bawls

    I just had a thought. Wouldn't the case being heard at "Horse Ferry Rode" Courts in London be perfect?

    Assuming this miscarriage of justice isn't immediately abandoned.

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