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  • Bonkers Britain

    Published on 10-07-2009 22:08
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    A London cab driver has killed himself in the early hours of this morning by decapitating himself.

    The unnamed cabby tied a length of rope around his neck, fastened the other end to a lamp post then got in his black cab and drove at full acceleration until the rope pulled tight and popped his head off like a champagne cork.

    The suicide took place shortly after midnight last night, the Daily Mail report that it happened close to a 24 hour cafe and petrol station. Witnesses heard the taxi crash into a lamp post after the driver lost control of the vehicle and were soon at the scene, one taxi driver found the black cab with the body still inside and then spotted the decapitated head at the roadside.
    Published on 04-07-2009 09:29
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    Emergency services were called to a house in Oxford last month where a man had severed his own penis with a knife.

    The unnamed man from Wantage in Oxfordshire dialed the emergency services after emasculating himself and asked for assistance as he believed he was bleeding to death. Paramedics arrived but called for police backup as the man was clearly intoxicated and had a knife in his possession.

    Thames Valley Police spokesperson Claire Gourlay told the Oxford Mail:

    “Police were called by the ambulance service to a property in Wantage, at 2.15am on June 18.

    “A man had allegedly harmed himself with what was believed to be a knife.

    “The police attended, and the man was taken by paramedics to the John Radcliffe Hospital. His injuries were not life-threatening.”
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