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  • Earl

    Published on 22-01-2009 18:29
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    Doctors in Zambia are preparing to operate on a nine month old baby who has a parasitic twin attached to it’s buttocks.

    18 year old Mercy Lenganji gave birth to little Faith Mwampe in April last year. Faith has an unformed parasitic twin emerging from her backside, and doctors fear she will be unable to walk or lead a normal life unless the unfortunate sibling is surgically removed from Faith’s bottom.

    Mercy had been expecting twins after a scan during pregnancy revealed two foetuses, but unfortunately when Faith was delivered the true horror was apparent.
    Published on 15-07-2008 09:34
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    Doctor Who star Catherine Tate is set to appear nude in her latest part in a West End show.

    The award winning actress will strip on stage and perform a graphic sex scene with an actor playing a “nerd”. Tate plays Michelle in Under The Blue Sky, a romantic comedy written by David Eldridge.

    Tate’s character is a randy maths teacher who beds a nerdy colleague to get revenge on an ex-lover. Catherine agreed to bare all for the role to make it as believable as possible.
    by Published on 14-07-2008 10:11
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    A new adventure sport that’s set to take the UK by storm is the increasingly popular naked rock climbing.

    Nudist sport is nothing new, nude hiking, naked biking, nude wrestling and even nude bowls have been popular pastimes with naturists for some time now. But naked rock climbing is said by it’s participants to be the closest you can get to being one with nature.

    Arty black and white shots of naked rock climbers have been compiled by photographer Dean Fidelman to create a calendar, you can check out his work and buy a copy of Stone Nudes 2008 at Stone Nudes.

    A 2009 calendar is already in the pipeline.
    Published on 04-07-2008 21:59
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    Rodney Scott McLagan from Tasmania has pleaded guilty in court to possessing over 30,000 images of bestiality and child pornography, including pictures of sex with children, horses, dogs, tigers and an octopus.
    Mr McLagan admitted the offence, but defence lawyers explained that his only interest is in bestiality and the child porn was downloaded by accident in a bulk download of animal sex files. They pushed the notion that Mr McLagan was merely a bestiality aficionado, who due to low self esteem saw himself as an animal and related to sex in that manner. They insisted he is not a peadophile.
    Published on 20-06-2008 09:14
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    An eight year old boy was kept prisoner by his own family, tortured, sexually abused and even more shockingly partially skinned and devoured.

    Klara Mauerova, along with her sister Katerina, and three other accomplices, chained her two sons Ondrej 8 and Jakub 9 in a closet in the cellar and periodically abused and tortured them. The boys were beaten, whipped with belts, burnt with cigarettes, sexually abused and ordered to cut themselves with knives.

    The boys were kept in a cage, or handcuffed to furniture left to stand in their own urine and faeces. But most shocking is the discovery that little Ondrej was partially skinned and the group of sadists imprisoning him were also cannibals who ate his flesh.
    Published on 12-06-2008 17:41
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    A group of students from the Danish School of Journalism in Aarhus have posted a picture report of themselves cooking and eating a feral cat on Facebook.

    The stunt was intended to draw attention to factory farming, and the students insist the cat was killed humanely by a farmer controlling the number of feral cats on his land.

    Animal rights groups however have voiced their disgust at the sensationalist protest, and Facebook have deleted the students account after receiving numerous complaints from animal lovers.

    Laura Bøge Mortensen who carried out the culinary feat says she is disappointed that Facebook deleted their profile, and genuinely surprised by the reactions they received.
    Published on 30-05-2008 19:12
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    James O’Neal from Redmond, Washington suffers from the rare genetic condition neurofibromatosis which leaves him horribly disfigured.

    O’Neal, who compares himself to the legendary Elephant Man doesn’t let his condition hold him back. He has worked for a leading American supermarket chain, and become a popular member of staff with customers and colleagues.

    Now one regular shopper has started a campaign to raise funds for James so he can have life altering reconstructive surgery to save his face.
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