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Sleepless with Spuddle

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Been quite busy and tiring since Spud landed on Saturday.

Due to moving house, and change of diet, etc... Spud has had the shits for a couple of days. That meant that he would need potty about every two hours, including straight through the night. So I've been a bit bloomin' tired.

Fortunately his tummy seems to have settled down now and last night he slept through most of the night, and I only had to get up twice.

He visited the vet yesterday for his first round of injections. I'm used to Noddy being completely over enthusiastic about going to the vets, he chuffin' loved it! Didn't matter if he was getting injections, or (as it turned out) if he was on death's door, Noddy still wagged his tail like mental and loved the attention from the vets and nurses. Spud wasn't quite so keen. Hopefully he'll change his tune when he's a bit bigger. There wasn't any real issue, but I just hoped he'd enjoy getting a massive needle jabbed on his neck just as much as Noddy always did.

Anyway, the vet gave Spud a good thumbs up, apparently both his 'batteries' are in tip-top condition, so that's a relief. He'll be having them chopped-off eventually though.

On top off all that the little beggar's been right busy, got hisself a Facebook page and his own website.

Spud the Dog

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There are a bunch of new images in the Spud album Earl's Albums: Spud the Dog

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Spud the Dog


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