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Puppy Pool

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Noddy is all finished with his hydrotherapy, for now. He's had the recommended seven sessions over the past three weeks and we'll have to make a decision as to whether he has any more.

Since we took him to the vets just over three weeks ago Noddy's been getting daily supplements which contain cod liver oil and other compounds beneficial to arthritic joints, plus anti-inflammatory tablets and daily walks on top of his hydrotherapy visits. Thankfully we've soon some great improvements in his walking and all round health.

The limp is completely gone and he's back to walking as well as he was before the limp began, which still looks a little stiff but it's hard to say if that's due to any arthritis as he always walked a bit funny. He's also improved in his agility and energy levels, more spritely now than he was a month ago.

It's impossible to say which treatment is working best though, or if it's a combination of all of them. We think we're going to take a break from the puppy pool for now, the sessions aren't so expensive but the place is about an hour away, so that's about three hours a night we use taking him and Ck reckons it must be costing hundreds of pounds in diesel.

What we think we might do is just take him once a week if he seems to be getting stiff again, and get him a massage too whilst he's there.

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