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Puppy Pool

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Really proud of Noddy tonight, after a shaky start he did very well in the pool.

When we arrived he seemed really apprehensive about getting in the water again, he was being very nervous and was dead reluctant to get wet. But again, once he was in he swam as if he was half Rebecca Adlington, and he didn't require as much encouragement.

Noddy goes down a couple of steps and then stands on the third step when he gets in the pool, with the therapist holding on to him. Then he'll swim a lap of the pool whilst the therapist guides him round and I run alongside the pool shouting encouragement. After a lap he finishes on the steps again and has a rest for a minute or two, usually he tries getting back out during this rest and we have to encourage him to stay put. Then after he's rested we have to give him a bit of a push to get him going again.

Well tonight not only did he not try climbing out after each lap, but he was ready to go again before we were and was launching himself off the steps to have another Noddy-paddle!

Another plus tonight, I don't know why they waited until our fifth visit but the ladies that run the centre have finally let us in on the best supplement to give Noddy to help his joints. It's called Yumove and it's supposed to be the best thing you can give your dog to help his joints. Apparently it's that good there's a version for humans. The kind lady gave us about ten days worth as a trial for free, it's supposed to get to work practically within hours and the results are said to be amazing. Noddy should be running around like a puppy again in no time.

noddy swimming -

drying -

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