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    Published on 26-07-2011 08:00
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    2. Paranormal and Supernatural
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    A woman from Pakistan is appealing to authorities to assist her in getting surgery to remove a massive snake which is growing inside her abdomen.

    According to Pakistani press 50-year-old Rasheedan Bibi from Saggar, north of Lahore, accidentally swallowed a small snake which was in her drinking water several months ago.

    However after a few weeks Rasheedan began to expand, and she believed she was simply pregnant. But Rasheedan continued to grow and grow, and became very ill. After seven months of swelling up Rasheedan eventually sought medical help and went to a hospital.
    Published on 25-07-2011 11:49
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    2. Weird World
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    Here for your reading pleasure is the top ten definitive list of the world’s most freaky and nasty looking creepy crawly bugs and critters.

    We’ll kick things off with this monster, it’s a Titan beetle.

    The Titan is one of the world’s largest beetles and is found in the South American rainforests, it grows up to 15cm (6 in) long. The insect’s ferocious looking mandibles are said to be strong enough to snap through pencils, quite what they’re used for is a mystery, as the adult beetles don’t actually eat. All the adults do is fly around looking for a mate.
    Published on 20-07-2011 16:03
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    2. Hotties
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    Hottie Hayley Atwell turned up at the Captain America premiere in Los Angeles last night wearing a revealing red dress which complimented her large boobs perfectly.

    The 29-year-old fittie stars as Peggy Carter, Captain America’s hot girlfriend who gets stuck into the action herself. The saucy hotpot from London plays an American agent fighting for the French Resistance during World War II. Although she was born and raised in England, Hayley has dual citizenship of Britain and the United States, her father is part Native-American and originally from Kansas.

    Now check out the gallery of Hayley in her low-cut dress:
    Published on 16-07-2011 20:41
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    2. Paranormal and Supernatural
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    A former devil worshipper in Swasiland says she has given birth to a seven-headed snake and vomited up live starfish.
    27-year-old Patience Tsabedse is a self confessed former devil worshipper married to a police officer. According to the husband, Constable Mfanzile Malaza, his wife turned her back on devil worship just two months ago, when she was ‘saved’ by notorious exorcist Pastor Muzi Manana.

    Since quitting devil worship Patience has complained of many strange ailments, mostly involving the vomiting of live animals such as spiders, fish, worms and even starfish. The creatures are usually spewed up along with ‘gallons’ of blood, and disposed of down the lavatory.
    Published on 21-03-2011 15:22
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    2. Weird World
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    This weekend a team of dedicated pork butchers in Italy produced the world's longest sausage.

    Alberto Della Pelle and nine other butchers created their magnificent speciality meat product in the small Italian town of Penne. The finished sausage was more than half a kilometer long (597.8m), pissing on the previous record of 392m set by the Romanians.

    The massive sausage was cut up to make 6,000 sandwiches, all in aid of charity.
    Published on 14-03-2011 19:09
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    2. Weird World

    A pet boa constrictor has become the unfortunate victim of alleged ‘silicone poisoning’ after biting a trashy models fake ninny-jugs.

    Model Orit Fox, Israel’s unattractive answer to Katie ‘Jordan’ Price, was gnashed on her fake boobs as she tormented the usually docile reptile. Video footage of the event show the silicone enhanced model trying to lick the snake’s head, the snake retaliates by sinking it’s fangs into Orit’s big fake titties.

    The snake, a red-tailed boa or similar, is a common pet which is non-venomous and quite harmless. Orit on the other hand appears to be toxic. The over inflated model was taken to hospital for a tetanus injection, but the poor serpent did not survive the incident.
    Published on 05-03-2011 17:30
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    2. Weird World
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    A lucky woman in Brazil has managed to grow passion fruits shaped like big fat penises.

    53-year-old Maria Rodrigues de Aguiar Farias from San Jose de Ribamar has managed to grow a vine which produces remarkable tallywhacker shaped fruits. Maria says that her passion fruits, which closely resemble a large cock and balls, are becoming so popular that she’s begun charging admission to view the genital shaped yield.

    “I charge [£1] to look, [£7] for taking photographs, and [£10] to shoot video,” Maria said.

    The tallywhacker fruits aren’t yet ripe, but if people are already paying a pound just to look at the turgid treats just imagine what they’ll pay to get their grubby hands on the dong-shaped delicacies.

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