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    Published on 14-09-2009 16:51
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    32 year old Huang Chuncai from China’s southern Hunan province is preparing for a third operation to remove the enormous tumour growing on the left side of his face.

    Huang gained the nickname Elephant Man when the neurofibromatosis he suffers from caused huge tumours to grow on his face, severely disfiguring him. Not only are the tumours unsightly they also cause real medical problems, such as stunted growth, curvature of the spine and restricted breathing.
    Published on 14-09-2009 15:11
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    2. Weird World
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    A woman in China has found a snake with a single leg and a clawed foot crawling across her bedroom wall.

    “I woke up and heard a strange scratching sound. I turned on the light and saw this monster working its way along the wall using his claw,” 66 year old Duan Qiongxiu told the Delfi.

    Duan was so terrified by the bizarre creature she quickly killed it using the heel of a shoe and then preserved it in a jar of alcohol. The 40cm long reptile is now being studied by scientists at the West Normal University in Nanchang.
    Published on 03-09-2009 15:40
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    A goat in Zimbabwe has given birth to a goat with the head of a human.

    Villagers in Lower Gweru claim to have seen the bizarre goatboy which is said to have the head, face, nose, and shoulders of a human, with no fur covering them but the anatomy of a goat from the shoulders down.

    The creature, which died shortly after it was born was described as so vile that even dogs were afraid to go near it.
    Published on 23-08-2009 20:45
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    2. Bonkers Britain
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    28 year old Lauren Williams from Chingford in Essex was born with an extremely rare medical condition, she had two vaginas.

    In fact Lauren discovered in her early twenties that she actually had two vaginas, two wombs and two cervixes. Lauren suspected there might have been something different about her when her periods began to last for up to 21 days, and some sexual positions were painful for her.

    Eventually a keen eyed doctor noticed an irregularity in Lauren’s vagina whilst he performed a smear test, and sent her to see a gynaecologist. The gynaecologist diagnosed Lauren with bicornuate uterus, or heart-shaped uterus and arranged for Lauren to have an operation to correct the condition, which carries a high risk on miscarriage if untreated.
    Published on 23-08-2009 15:30
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    2. Weird World
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    A man in Russia has begged his doctors to reverse his penis enlargement surgery after scores of women left him because his reproductive gland was just too big for them.

    40-year-old Konstantin F. had the surgery done in February this year. Doctors warned him that his six inch penis was ample, but Konstantin insisted that he wanted a massive ten inch tallywhacker.

    “He must have watched a lot of movies, but he didn’t realize that most ordinary women are very unlike those shown in porn movies,” Konstantin’s doctors told L!fe.
    Published on 15-08-2009 20:58
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    2. Paranormal and Supernatural

    This video footage has appeared on YouTube, it supposedly shows a light aircraft approaching Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson Arizona being abducted by a UFO which lands on top of it and then takes of vertically at great speed taking the aeroplane with it.

    Most news sites are very skeptical about the film’s authenticity and the film’s owner says all the media outlets he approached declined the video saying they had no reason to believe it was genuine.

    At The Morningstarr* we’ll allow you to make your own mind up. Genuine or not, that’s a great video and an interesting and original hoax at the very least.
    Published on 01-08-2009 16:44
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    2. Weird World
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    A man in Orange, France nearly died and received terrible injuries after he was bitten by a deadly brown recluse spider which is usually native to North America.
    59 year old François Inderchit says that he rolled over in bed and crushed the nasty little arachnid. The Telegraph reports that Inderchit felt the bite, but it had only left a small red mark so he thought nothing of it. However later that evening Inderchit began shivering and vomiting, the small red mark had become a large necrotising ulcer. Inderchit was rushed to hospital the next morning.

    Marseille’s anti-poison unit identified the spider as a venomous brown recluse after hearing the description of the culprit. The brown recluse is sometimes referred to as the violin spider due to the markings on it’s back, it is usually found in the Southern States of the US but is now thriving in the warm climes of Southern France.

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