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    Published on 12-06-2013 17:57
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    Wesley Warren’s amputated testicle

    Wesley Warren shot to fame a couple of years ago when he appeared on the Howard Stern show bragging about his massive 100 lb scrotum.

    This real-life Buster Gonad from Las Vegas was actually desperate for help in mending his unfeasibly large ballsack and was appealing for money to fund a delicate operation on his gonad-satchel. Ballsy Wes spent a marathon 13 hours on the surgeon’s slab as they butchered his jumbo-size bollock-bag. The 48-year-old has been suffering from a nasty complaint known as scrotal lymphedema, it meant one of his testicle-nuts had ballooned to amazing proportions and weighed almost the same as Kylie Minogue.
    Published on 03-06-2013 15:39
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    30-year-old Stepfon Muse is in police custody tonight after he sank his teeth into his wife’s buttock.

    Miami police arrested Muse on Wednesday following an argument he had with his pregnant wife in their car. When the argument began to get really heated the expectant mother tried exiting the vehicle, but an enraged Muse grabbed hold of his spouse and tried to restrain her. He then sank his teeth into her derriere, leaving a visible set of bite marks.

    According to the arrest report Muse has been charged with aggravated battery, and arresting officers got to see his wife’s butt. The make and model of the couple’s car was not released.
    Published on 27-03-2013 21:31
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    Here’s The Morningstarr* top ten chart rundown of the world’s biggest serial killers (based on body count).

    #10 Andrei Chikatilo
    (☠ 53 kills)

    In at number ten it’s Ukrainian psychopath Andrei, The Rostov Ripper!
    Andrei clocked up 53 kills during his career, all women and children. Andrei found the act of butchering people gave him an orgasm and developed a literal blood lust. His cannibalism was well documented, he liked to bite off his victim’s nipples and genitals.
    Published on 26-03-2013 15:55
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    Sick weirdos in Scotland have attempted to steal a horse’s penis.

    The 23-year-old Icelandic gelding, named Hrafn was found by his owners on Thursday morning bleeding profusely with his John Thomas hanging on by its urethra. The poor nag had to undergo emergency surgery to remove the dong, which could not be reattached or repaired. Insp John Toule, of the Scottish SPCA said the penis injury was the result of a deliberate malicious attack.

    “This appears to have been a malicious attack.” He said grimly.

    “It is difficult to comprehend why anyone would do this to a defenceless animal and this attack is extremely concerning”

    The horse’s owners say that thankfully Hrafn is on the mend, although he was quite traumatised by the attack.
    Published on 26-03-2013 14:48
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    21-year-old Rickesha Burns from Phoenix, Arizona is being held by police after her two-year-old son was admitted to hospital with a bleeding back-passage.

    Doctors who examined the boy found a number of injuries such as bruises on his neck and hip. They also discovered his mum’s sex toy jammed so far up his bunghole that it will require surgery to remove it.

    Burns, who was previously investigated for child abuse in 2011 but never charged, blames the dildo insertion on an unknown teenager at the local park. According to the mother’s statement she told cops she was at the park with her son when she was distracted for just ten seconds by a text message, when she looked up from her mobile phone a teenage boy was doing ‘something’ to her son. Burns does admit that the vibrator in the rectum belongs to her.
    Published on 26-03-2013 09:24
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    A pretty young student has spotted what could be Dorset’s own Bigfoot-Sasquatch.

    17-year-old Terri Leigh Cox, a health and social care student from Dorchester has snapped a grainy photograph of a black, hairy ape-like beast frolicking in a child’s play area. Cox tok the photo from her bedroom window which overlooks a public park. She said the animal resembled a gorilla, but it scuttled off up a tree.

    “It was such a shock I couldn’t believe what I was seeing at first,” Cox said.

    “It looked about the size of a small gorilla. It was walking like one as well, using its arms and feet.”
    Published on 25-03-2013 18:33
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    A man who is convinced the world is about to end on 29th March has used a knife to castrate his father and then slice off his own meat and two veg.

    The bizarre apocalyptic penis-chopping event took place in Malasia at around 01:30 this morning, local time. The unnamed fellow is reported to have whipped himself up into a frenzy after researching doomsday theories online on the internet. Following a brief holiday the chap returned home this week and called his family together to warn them of the coming final calamity. Although the man’s family say there is no history of mental illness, he began lecturing them on the end of the world and allegedly began physically attacking his father to try and make him cry. According to witnesses the mentalist told them if his father began to cry it would invoke the spirit of an 800-year-old Muslim cleric who would save the world.

    However the old man didn’t shed a tear, and the doomsday nutter decided to ramp things up in the early hours of the morning by slashing-off the old man’s todger and then performing the same DIY castration on himself. The penis-less loon was also set on removing the crown jewels of his brother-in-law but he quickly fled with his tallywhacker intact. Police were eventually called to the grisly scene around three hours later. The emasculated duo were both rushed to hospital to have their organs reattached. They are both in a critical condition.

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