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    Published on 04-07-2009 09:29
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    Emergency services were called to a house in Oxford last month where a man had severed his own penis with a knife.

    The unnamed man from Wantage in Oxfordshire dialed the emergency services after emasculating himself and asked for assistance as he believed he was bleeding to death. Paramedics arrived but called for police backup as the man was clearly intoxicated and had a knife in his possession.

    Thames Valley Police spokesperson Claire Gourlay told the Oxford Mail:

    “Police were called by the ambulance service to a property in Wantage, at 2.15am on June 18.

    “A man had allegedly harmed himself with what was believed to be a knife.

    “The police attended, and the man was taken by paramedics to the John Radcliffe Hospital. His injuries were not life-threatening.”
    Published on 02-07-2009 17:31
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    Ang Qiang from Guangzhou in China was born with two penises. The condition is known as diphallia or penile duplication and effects one in 5.5 million men in the United States. Men born with the condition have a higher mortality rate due to the accompanying renal and anorectal deformities. Men who have a diphallus are usually sterile, but can often urinate through both appendages.

    23 year old Ang has now decided to have one of his willies surgically removed as it is beginning to freak his girlfriend out, the Metro reports.

    “When we first started going out she was amazed but in the end she thought it was a bit creepy” Ang said.
    Published on 20-06-2009 09:32
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    Not all at once though.

    A 32 year old woman from the Russian city of Tambov has been arrested for the poisoning and sexual assault of ten different men. The woman, described as attractive is only identified by the name Valeria K. She is also known as the “Black Widow” due to her interest in collecting horror films and spiders.

    L!fe report that the woman is alleged to have lured the men back to her apartment and then sedated them using clonidine which she slipped into their drinks. Once unconscious the woman used a rope to wrap around her victims genitals to maintain their man reactions, then she would ride them like a cowgirl.

    All ten men have reported the same story, they followed Valeria back to her apartment for a few drinks, but woke the next morning in hospital with a loss of memory and trauma to the penis.
    Published on 09-06-2009 11:12
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    2. Hotties
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    Just as anticipated, horror film hotties Kelly Brook and Riley Steele have been flashing the flesh on the Piranha 3D set.

    Considering the aquatic theme it was obvious that the large-knockered actresses would be spending plenty of time in bikinis. And considering Riley’s background in “Adult Entertainment” it’s no real surprise that she’s been getting a bit intimate with her co-star.

    These latest pictures show the pair of stunners gyrating together on the deck of a yacht wearing skimpy bikinis. At one point blonde Riley sticks her head right between Kelly’s ample breasts. One can only assume she made that “blub-blub” noise whilst doing so.
    Published on 31-05-2009 17:04
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    2. Weird World
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    A 25 year old man in Egypt has emasculated himself after his parents chose a bride for him.

    The unnamed man is reported to be in love with another woman, but his parents didn’t agree with his choice and fixed him up with someone else. In a fit of temper the labourer from Sheikh Eissa in southern Egypt took a knife, sliced off his penis and mutilated his genital sack.

    The Australian reports that he was rushed to hospital but surgeons were unable to reattach his severely damaged reproductive gland.

    “He was in love with a woman but his parents rejected her and told him to marry another woman he didn’t want. He took a knife and cut off his penis in his room” a hospital official told the press.
    Published on 02-05-2009 22:05
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    2. Weird World
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    A woman in Melbourne, Australia has been charged with negligence after she allowed her own mother to die in horrendous conditions.

    Yesterday Melbourne Magistrates’ Court heard how 72 year old Kateryna Pyrczak was discovered by paramedics lying in “litres” of her own excrement on the floor of her kitchen last November 10th. Mrs Pyrczak’s legs and feet were consumed with gangrene and maggots were feeding from her rotting flesh, paramedics reported that the parasites had devoured her right foot.

    In addition to the gangrene infection in her feet and legs, Mrs Pyrczak’s body was covered in painful, oozing ulcers. Paramedics told the police that when they entered the house it smelt like a rotting corpse had been dumped there.
    Published on 13-04-2009 10:13
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    2. Hotties
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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dollhouse hottie Eliza Dushku has posed naked for an Allure magazine photoshoot.

    The 28 year old actress who began her career working with the likes of Robert De Niro and Arnold Schwarzenegger as a child actress really hit the spotlight when she was cast as Faith, the rogue Vampire Slayer in Joss Whedon’s cult TV smash hit. Currently starring in Whedon’s latest production Dollhouse, Dushku has secured her place in the fanboy “wank bank”.

    Next month, despite claims that people have a better chance of seeing God than seeing her naked Dushku will appear along with four other female celebrities posing nude for Allure magazine for no better reason than they look great sans clothes.

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