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    Published on 04-03-2010 21:42
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    46 year old Andrew Dymond from Wales appeared in court today after images were allegedly found on his computer of a man having sex with an octopus.

    Dymond appeared in Swansea magistrates court this morning to face 25 porn charges, he didnít enter a plea and will appear at Crown Court in May. Prosecutors told magistrates that Dymondís computer had been found to contain images of child pornography and bestiality which are considered obscene and grossly offensive.

    Some of the pictures showed women having sex with dogs and horses in a manner which would cause injury to their breasts and genitals.

    Dymond was freed in bail but told he was not allowed access to the internet, or children.
    Published on 13-02-2010 10:09
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    Itís over 5,000 miles from Greece but residents from Pahang in Malaysia claim to have found a Gorgon, like the famed Medusa.

    The strange creature, which has the body of a snake and the head of a human, was reportedly captured by Malaysian aborigines. The story goes that the men spotted two of the beasts, one male and one female, but only managed to catch the female. Witnesses claimed that the creature initially begged to be released back into the mountains, others say it was trying to summon the male monster to come and rescue it.

    Published on 28-01-2010 14:42
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    A mystery explosion at a public toilets in Ghana has left a man with a severed penis and a seriously damaged anus.

    Ghanaian newspaper People & Places reported yesterday that an unexplained explosion took place within a public pit latrine at the Kejetia lorry terminal in Kumasi last month. Witnesses ran in fear when they heard the explosion but then spotted an injured man staggering out of the latrine.

    A witness told P&P that moments after the explosion was heard a naked man came out of the toilet screaming as blood oozed from his anus and manhood.

    The injured man was taken to the Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital for immediate medical attention to his injured anus and reproductive organs. No explanation for the explosion has been made by the Ghanaian authorities, but flammable methane is a a by-product of decomposing waste. It is possible that methane had built up in the pit latrine and if anyone entered with a cigarette it could have ignited the gas and blown the poor manís cock and balls through his arsehole.
    Published on 21-12-2009 14:47
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    2. Bonkers Britain

    Police in Plymouth, Devon are on the lookout for a balding weirdo who was caught on CCTV sniffing the backside of a supermarket employee.

    The bespectacled, middle aged man has been seen on two separate occasions sniffing the arse of an unidentified male shop assistant in the Plymouth branch of the Co-Op supermarket. The storeís CCTV cameras filmed the oddball on two consecutive weekends going about his funny business, Devon police are appealing for witnesses to the attacks which took place on 31st of October and 7th November this year.

    ďItís a bizarre incident. The shop was full of people. Someone must have seen the man.Ē Det Con Steve White told The Sun.
    Published on 26-10-2009 14:33
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    2. Weird World
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    Ganga and Jamuna Mondal are conjoined twins, the 39 year olds share one body which has two heads, four arms and three legs.

    The sisters perform regularly in their native India as part of a circus sideshow, spectators gather round to watch the sisters creep across the stage using all their limbs in an insect fashion. The girls have recently featured in a Discovery Channel programme entitled Human Spider Sisters. During the making of the documentary Dr James Stein, an American specialist in separating conjoined twins told the girls that he would be able to split them in two safely without either of them dying. But the Spider Sisters have refused to have the operation, they believe that being separated would be against Godís will.

    The surgery would also ruin their career, currently the women can provide for their entire extended family with the proceeds from their freak show appearances. If the sisters were separated their act would be finished and they may have to resort to begging in the streets.
    Published on 27-09-2009 16:10
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    A 70 year old woman in India visited several doctors this week following a persistent nose bleed.

    The womanís nose began to bleed on Tuesday and wouldnít stop. Her family took her to two different hospitals but medics were unable to stem the bleeding and couldnít determine the cause.

    Eventually the woman visited the Sion Hospital where doctors discovered that the bleeding was caused by dozens of maggots inside the womanís nose eating her face from the inside out.
    Published on 19-09-2009 20:48
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    2. Paranormal and Supernatural

    A group of children in Panama last weekend have killed a strange looking creature which they say crawled out of a cave.

    Some are speculating that the ugly, hairless beast is some sort of extra terrestrial life form, others claim it is simply a shaven sloth. Which raises the question, who shaves a sloth?

    The gang of youths in the town of Cerro Azul were playing by caves when they say the monster approached them and out of fear they beat it to death with rocks and sticks. The gang threw the dead creature into a stream and returned later to take photographs of itís corpse.

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