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    by Published on 05-07-2016 17:52

    Earlier today he was awarded with an honourary degree in drama by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

    David Tennant awarded honorary degree in ...
    Published on 19-05-2016 19:23
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    At long last a company has come up with the perfect solution for men too lazy to go for a piss.

    Thanks to the good folk at Custom Divers gamers can now sit glued to their consoles without the worry of needing to get up for a leak. The HeWee Go Active makes it possible for you to simply urinate straight into a washable plastic bag strapped to your leg.

    But of course it's not only gamers who can benefit from this amazing new design, wagon drivers are another group who are sure to have a HeWee at the top of their wish lists.
    Published on 18-05-2016 20:32
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    A canoeist got the shit scared out of him this week when he paddled past a massive Burmese python in the Grand Union Canal in Aylestone, Leicestershire.

    Sadly the snake was dead, the victim of another irresponsible owner or some other type of all round bad egg.
    Published on 17-05-2016 19:50
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    A penis-less man has had the reproductive gland of a corpse surgically grafted on by groundbreaking surgeons.

    64-year-old Thomas Manning from Massachusetts, US, lost his cock in 2012 after getting it riddled with cancers. Now the old fella is getting a second shot at having an old fella, thanks to the morbid procedure of transplanting dead organs.

    Lucky Tom is only the second person in the world to undergo such a procedure. A cock-less chap in South Africa has also received a penis transplant in recent years.
    Published on 14-12-2014 19:34
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    Christmas is almost upon us once more and it’s the time of year when most people in the western world look to celebrate capitalism by tying it in to the traditional Christian celebrations. In certain parts of Europe, particularly Spain, those traditional celebrations include a lot more defecation and excrement than most readers might expect.

    A friend of mine has just returned from a business trip to Seville in southern Spain and brought me back a superb piece of traditional Spanish Christmas celebrations, a small figurine of a crouching bumpkin crimping off his very own yuletide log. The little figure, about three inches in height, is commonly placed in nativity scenes depicting the birth of Jesus Christ in a lowly barn in Bethlehem. Along with more obvious characters such as the virgin Mary, Joseph, three wise men and shepherds in many Spanish homes there will also be crouching in the corner a shitting man. The Christmas pooper is called a ‘caganer‘, this translates simply as ‘the defecator’, which sounds like a superhero or wrestler’s name. The defecator is thought to have its origins in Catalonia, north-east Spain, where it has appeared in nativity scenes since at least the 17th century but may be even older.
    Published on 31-08-2014 14:01
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    God bless Japan, and their fabulous charity events such as this sponsored breast grope.

    Every year now a gaggle of gorgeous Japanese bongo-movie babes volunteer their services to let sweaty-palmed perverts manhandle their fleshy love-bumps, all in the name of charity.

    Boob Aid takes place this time every year, and hot honeys who usually specialise in the Japanese art of Oppai Momi, or 'boob feeling', allow their fans to caress their wobbly-bits for the price of a few yen ¥.
    Published on 27-08-2014 11:53
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    A shower of crazy witches in India have brutally mutilated a man in front of his family, and then torched him.

    The bloodthirsty witches laughed and cheered, dancing around Brijlal Chopra as he writhed in agony.

    Mr Chopra, from Mandla in central India, had taken his 10-year-old son to the traditional healers for medical assistance, but once Brijlal and his family reached the healer's commune the old crone accused him of being a rival sorcerer and commanded her disciples to kill him!

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