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  • Charity breast squeezing

    This Japanese fund-raising event is truly inspired.

    The ‘Erotica Will Save the World’ event took place this weekend in Tokyo, Japan with a sponsored ‘oppai momi’ session. Oppai momi is a Japanese term which roughly means ‘boob feeling’, and for a meagre donation gleeful punters got the opportunity to honk the hooters of one of ten sexy volunteers. Ten Japanese adult movie stars who feature in the specialist oppai momi videos gave up their valuable time and pert little knockers all in aid of AIDS.

    Sweaty-palmed perverts slipped a few yen ¥ into a collection box, sanitised their grubby mitts with an alcohol gel and then queued up to have a maximum of ‘two squeezes per hand’ on a young filly’s lady-bumps. All monies collected will go to STOP!AIDS an AIDS awareness charity.

    If groping chudleighs wasn’t your thing the event also held a masturbation marathon.
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