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  • The hottest 65 ladies of sci-fi and fantasy entertainment

    #55 Famke Janssen

    Famke Janssen

    Fittie Famke got her first big break by crushing Pierce Brosnanís head between her thighs, playing Xenia Onatopp in GoldenEye.

    The Dutch-born hottie then sealed the deal in nerd fandom by playing the lovely Jean Grey / Phoenix in the first X-Men trilogy. She was most recently seen playing an incestuous, transsexual, sociopath in Nip/Tuck.

    #54 Eve Myles

    Eve Myles

    Currently riding high on the fourth series of Torchwood, Welsh rarebit Myles has also appeared in Doctor Who on two occasions, and even turned up in an episode of Merlin.

    #53 Ali Larter

    Ali Larter

    Ooh! Ali Larter!

    Sexy Ali Larter, the 35-year-old former model, has appeared in some sci-fi greats in her time. On top of playing at least two roles in NBCís Heroes (one character had a split personality), Ali also plays Claire Redfield in the Resident Evil movies, and she did a great turn in a black catsuit for Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

    #52 Lucy Brown

    Lucy Brown

    Another Primeval hottie, this time the lovely Lucy Brown.

    To much delight Lucy made a guest appearance in the fourth series of Primeval, but sadly didnít stick around. Besides battling with dinosaurs whilst still looking red-hot, Lucy has also done a bit of nudity in Sharpeís Challenge. That lucky Mr Bean.

    #51 Lucy Lawless

    Lucy Lawless

    Itís another Lucy, this time butch Kiwi bollock-crusher Lucy Lawless.

    Juicy Lucy has a fine CV when it comes to genre television, for anyone a bit slow the hot 43-year-old shot to fame playing Xena, the lesbian warrior. But besides her most iconic character Lawless has also appeared in shows such as X-Files, Battlestar Galactica, Burn Notice, No Ordinary Family, and took part in more sword and sandal sauciness in Spartacus, where she was known for wearing a merkin.

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