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  • Facebook ruin nudie charity calendar

    Miserable killjoys at Facebook have bollocksed-up the attempts of some hot young female students trying to raise a few quid for charity by taking their clothes off and showing off their arses.

    In another case of Friendface's heavy-handed and completely rubbish managing of accounts they've banned the page for The University of Warwick Rowing Society's sexy nude calendar, calling it pornography.

    Well pornography is something of a subjective term, but the good girls at the University of Warwick Boat Club are quite sure that their saucy calendars are actually art, and certainly not bongo.

    The UWBC, who don't appear to allow munters to join, have created a nudie girls calendar for the past two years, with proceeds going to Macmillan Cancer Support. But now, thanks to Facebook firing them off, the girls think sales of next year's calendar will plummet due to the lack of promoting they'll be able to achieve.

    Well fortunately the Facebook banning has actually drummed-up plenty of publicity for the fitties, and they've simply switched their campaign to Twitter.

    You can help support the hotties by buying a copy of their calendar, it's very modestly priced, you'll be helping a worthy charity, and it's incredibly easy to masturbate to.


    What do you think, is it art, or porn? Tell us below or join the mass debate on our forum: Nudie charity calendar art or bongo?
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