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  • Bulldog bites off boys balls

    A five-year-old boy will have to face the rest of his life with the absence of testicle-balls after they were bitten off by an angry pit bull terrier.

    The unnamed lad was staying with family at their home in Yonkers, New York this weekend when the six-year-old bitch attacked his genital nut-sack and ripped off his dangly bits. The young child is reported to have simply wandered into the wrong bedroom when the over protective hound lunged at him, seizing his private parts in its jaws and ragging them about.

    The boy was rushed to a hospital in the Bronx and later transferred to another infirmary in the area where he is said to be recovering.

    The dogs owner, Vernon Jackson, and the victims grandmother, Marissa Pettiford have both been charged with having an unlicensed dangerous dog and could face up to a year in the slammer.
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    1. Smasher's Avatar
      Smasher -
      vernon jackson should never have reared that dog up on campbells meat balls, shamone
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