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  • Arrest made after penis was used during exorcism

    A Chinese exorcist has been arrested after a woman who hired his services complained that he’d used his penis to remove the ghosts from her vagina.

    A Xin says she paid £2,000 for self-proclaimed ghostbuster Huang Jianjun to assist her in a personal matter. Huang had agreed to help A Xin gain the amorous attention of her boss, who she fancied. He took A Xin to a hotel in Guangdong Province and told her to strip and lie on the bed for an examination, and she complied. Following the examination Huang informed A Xin that the reason she wasn’t getting anywhere with her boss was because of the spirits in her vagina, but he could solve the problem by removing the spooks with his ghost-catching tallywhacker. Yes, that old line.

    A Xin consented to the exorcism and Huang inserted his paranormal reproductive equipment into her vagina repeatedly in a fashion commonly known as sexual intercourse. Huang explained that this was the first time he had ever carried out such a procedure.

    The next day A Xin contacted police and reported what had happened. In Huang’s defence he says he is unable to get an erection due to his diabetes.

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