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  • Shocking necrophilia case in the Philippines

    Police in Zamboanga, Philippines are investigating into an alleged case of necrophilia after five graves were desecrated in recent months.

    Starting in October last year five dead women and children have been exhumed from their graves at a cemetery in Barangay Mercedes and interfered with. The first instance back in October was a recently buried woman who authorities discovered dug up and placed on top of her resting place. Then in February a dead old lady was found exhumed from her grave, and this month a 17 year old girl and a 13 day old baby girl were also removed from their graves.

    The most recent case, which happened just days ago, involved a female teacher who was removed from her grave and hung upside down from a post in the graveyard, suspended by her own stockings. The deceased woman’s underwear had also been removed and placed on her head.

    Families of the deceased are said to be furious at the alleged sexual violation of the corpses. Police say they suspect a group of perpetrators, either drug addicts or lunatics.
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    It appears Russia is at it again...

    Murdering 'enemy's of the state.'

    Russian ex-MP Voronenkov shot dead at Kiev hotel - BBC News

    Alpha 23-03-2017, 18:38 Go to last post

    Moustached leader of Turkey Erdogan accuses Netherlands of ‘Nazism and fascism’

    Erdogan accuses Netherlands of ‘Nazism and fascism’ after minister expelled — RT News

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    Re: Congratulations Jack


    And good, i'm glad she won because Hopkins is a nob.

    Ck 10-03-2017, 16:36 Go to last post

    Congratulations Jack

    Food blogger, Jack Monroe, has won a libel case against the complete Scumboid that is Katie Hopkins.

    I'm sure i've seen that young woman

    Alpha 10-03-2017, 16:21 Go to last post

    Former Lok Sabha Speaker Rabi Ray passes away

    Read more at:
    Former Lok Sabha Speaker Rabi Ray passes away - The Economic Times

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