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  • The woman with two vaginas

    28 year old Lauren Williams from Chingford in Essex was born with an extremely rare medical condition, she had two vaginas.

    In fact Lauren discovered in her early twenties that she actually had two vaginas, two wombs and two cervixes. Lauren suspected there might have been something different about her when her periods began to last for up to 21 days, and some sexual positions were painful for her.

    Eventually a keen eyed doctor noticed an irregularity in Lauren’s vagina whilst he performed a smear test, and sent her to see a gynaecologist. The gynaecologist diagnosed Lauren with bicornuate uterus, or heart-shaped uterus and arranged for Lauren to have an operation to correct the condition, which carries a high risk on miscarriage if untreated.

    It wasn’t until the surgeons actually opened Lauren up that they discovered she actually had two wombs, etc…

    The skin separating Laurens vaginae was removed, creating one big vagina.

    “The vagina I was using was half the size of a normal one.”, Lauren was quick to point out to Mid-Day.

    Lauren now leads an ordinary life with just one vagina, but she does still possess a duplicate reproductive system. Doctors told Lauren that she could get pregnant normally and the growing baby would just push the second womb to one side. However, Lauren would have to take precautions if having sex whilst pregnant as she could conceive in her second womb.

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