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  • Cannibal eats grandmother whilst she's still alive

    A man in Ukraine has been arrested and held for psychiatric testing after he allegedly sliced up his grandmother’s face and ate it, before finally killing her.

    The man, a 26 year old named only as Vlad was arrested at a flat in Simferopol, Ukraine after his father broke down the door to find his dead mother lying in a pool of blood horrifically mutilated.

    It is reported that Vlad used a shard of broken mirror to mutilate his grandmother, who had raised him as a child. Local police have said that Vlad gouged out his grandmother’s eyes and ate them as she screamed for help and tried to escape.

    “The old woman was conscious and tried to escape, screaming. He responded by slicing off her tongue and eating it,” a police insider said.

    By the time the woman’s son broke into the flat her eyes, tongue, ears and lips had been sliced off and eaten by her attacker and her skull eventually smashed in, killing her.

    The witness fled the scene and called police who responded by pumping knockout gas into the flat to subdue the man before they entered. Inside the flat the police found the 26 year old covered in blood wearing only a pair of underpants and holding a cross, he was apparently carrying out a perverse funeral ritual. The man’s neighbours have described him as a religious fanatic.
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    It appears Russia is at it again...

    Murdering 'enemy's of the state.'

    Russian ex-MP Voronenkov shot dead at Kiev hotel - BBC News

    Alpha 23-03-2017, 18:38 Go to last post

    Moustached leader of Turkey Erdogan accuses Netherlands of ‘Nazism and fascism’

    Erdogan accuses Netherlands of ‘Nazism and fascism’ after minister expelled — RT News

    FreeBBC 12-03-2017, 14:02 Go to last post

    Re: Congratulations Jack


    And good, i'm glad she won because Hopkins is a nob.

    Ck 10-03-2017, 16:36 Go to last post

    Congratulations Jack

    Food blogger, Jack Monroe, has won a libel case against the complete Scumboid that is Katie Hopkins.

    I'm sure i've seen that young woman

    Alpha 10-03-2017, 16:21 Go to last post

    Former Lok Sabha Speaker Rabi Ray passes away

    Read more at:
    Former Lok Sabha Speaker Rabi Ray passes away - The Economic Times

    FreeBBC 07-03-2017, 21:20 Go to last post
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